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25 Years Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik and cordially invite all interested globetrotters and off-road vehicle enthusiasts to our in-house exhibition from July 5 - 7, 2024. Look forward to a cozy get-together, interesting conversations and exciting vehicles!


July 5 - 7, 2024


Our in-house exhibition will take place in Enzlar at Tom's Farm. Enzlar is located directly on the Bundesstraße 8, about 5 km from Markt Bibart in the direction of Kitzingen - please follow the signs!

Address: Enzlar 5, 91477 Markt Bibart

GPS: 49.682058, 10.370752


A selection of vehicles with different technical options and equipment awaits you. Our specialists are available on site at any time for detailed discussions and test drives.

Our Programme

Thursday, ‬4‭. ‬July 2024‭ ‬

You may arrive from 12:00 noon (registration at‭ ‬‭)‬

Friday, ‬5‭. ‬July 2024

12:00‭ ‬Delicacies from Treffpunkt Wild‭ ‬

13:30‭ ‬Presentation of PVS and Tough Dog

15:00‭ - ‬17:00‭ ‬Guided tour of the workshop

18:00‭ ‬Opening speech by Tom & Veit

18:30‭ ‬Delicacies from Treffpunkt Wild‭ ‬

Followed by a cosy get-together with music

Saturday, ‬6‭. ‬July 2024‭ ‬

10:00‭ ‬Presentation of PVS accessories

11:00 Advantages and disadvantages of the ToughDog chassis

11:30‭ ‬Delicacies from Treffpunkt Wild‭ ‬

13:00 Workshop tour with presentation of J7 Facelift, Jimny 5-Door and GDJ7 2.8l Diesel

15:00 GPS Globe workshop

17:00 25 years of Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik & award ceremony

18:00 Suckling pig banquet

Followed by a cosy get-together with music

Sunday, ‬7‭. ‬July 2024

10:00 White sausage breakfast

11:00 Presentation of GPS Globe

11:30 Delicacies from Treffpunkt Wild

13:00 Presentation of Diesel J7

15:00 Coffee and cake

Food and drink will be provided

Food (steak and bratwurst from the grill} and drinks are available, but you are also welcome to bring your own! Saturday evening we will have our traditional "SPANFERKEL AM SPIESS" - grilled by our crew with full commitment in all weathers.

Please do not forget: Bring crockery and cutlery!


An overnight stay in your own vehicle, caravan or tent is possible on site. Toilets are available. We charge a flat rate of 10,- Euro per vehicle for a parking space on our camping meadow.

Please let us know your day of arrival in advance by e-mail to‭ ‬‭. ‬

Tom and his team from Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik

are looking forward to meeting you


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