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Optionally available as a 2-person version or for 2 adults plus 2 children, with limited living and storage space. The basic version is suitable for any type of long-distance travel. With folding sleeping roof, energy and water supply and interior design as desired. We optimize your vehicle according to your requirements, for every application and requirement. For example with a ram protection bumper including an integrated winch and a variety of other options. With robust additional tanks for fuel and water, we increase range and self-sufficiency.

WARN winch: 

holds vehicle on extreme slopes

Tom's folding sleeping roof:

isolated, walkable,

usable as a roof terrace

Original intake snorkel 

with cyclone filter

Tom's roof box:  

super light with storage space and spare wheel holder

OME chassis  

for extreme terrain

Airtex tent fabric:

extremely robust, up to three openings. Close-meshed special fly net.

Sand tracks:

can also be used as a table

Tom's alloy wheels 

with BFGoodrich tires: extremely light and stable



Get inspired by WorldCruisers that have already been delivered to our customers around the world.


Learn more about the basic version of the WorldCruiser 1 and browse through the extensive additional equipment  

- for maximum comfort.

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