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Are you planning a trip away from the close-meshed supply and service networks that we know from Europe? You don't know what expertise you can expect in a workshop and you don't know how to get any spare parts on-site?

At Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik we offer a special remote assistance service exclusively for our Toyota Land Cruiser customers who have had their vehicle or conversion carried out by us. By this, we mean a worldwide spare parts service and help by telephone or e-mail.

Your benefits

  • The reassuring feeling of having a competent specialist up your sleeve

  • Expert remote technical advice – from error analysis to finding a solution and advice on repairs/troubleshooting

  • Remote support for the local workshop team by Tom's Team

  • The worldwide spare parts service via DHL makes them ready to travel again, even in remote parts of the world

How it works!

  • When travelling, contact us and we will forward you to one of our specialists or get in touch with you or the workshop as soon as possible

  • This is followed by technical advice, error analysis and assistance with the solution/repair

  • If necessary, we will send you the necessary spare parts via DHL

Requirements for this service

  • Exclusively for our customers with Toyota LandCruisers who have had their vehicle or conversion carried out by us

  • Maintenance by Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik within the last three months before the start of the trip gives you the security that your vehicle is well prepared 

  • Take along spare parts packages: Depending on the requirements, we will put together your individual spare parts package for you

  • Minimum requirement:

    • For trips of less than 3 months duration: Tom's spare parts package small

    • For trips longer than 3 months: Tom's spare parts package large

    • If your vehicle has driven more than 100,000 km, you will also need to take a replacement water pump with you


  • Filter kit with air filter

  • Fuel filter

  • Oil filter

  • Tire patch set SafetySeal

  • Bulb set

  • Radiator sealant

  • Cold metal

  • Fuse set

  • V-belt kit


  • SafetySeal tire patch cords with awl

  • Wheel bolts with nuts for a wheel

  • Alternator carbon set

  • 2x Cold metal

  • Universal joint VA and HA

  • Wheel bearing kit

  • Water pump

  • Radiator hose set

  • Ballistol

  • Universal oil

  • Brake cleaner

  • Outer joint VA

  • Hollow nut for wheel bearing adjustment

  • Filter kit with air filter, fuel filter & oil filter

  • ResQTape

  • Bulb kit

  • Fuse set

  • V-belt set

  • Radiator sealant

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