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In order to be able to travel comfortably in a Land Cruiser with 4 people, a sophisticated interior concept is required. With Tom's WorldCruiser 3 we have achieved exactly that. The HighCube body extension made of aluminum ensures a uniquely comfortable room size. The folding sleeping roof offers two comfortable places to sleep under the roof and full headroom when camping. Rotatable individual seats with three-point belts are installed in the passenger rear, which can be folded down if necessary and thus perfectly complement the lower lying surface for a good night's rest.

Brokelmann HZJ79 CD 25_WorldCruiser3.png

WARN winch: 

holds vehicle on extreme slopes

Tom's roof box: 

super light with storage space and spare wheel holder

Brokelmann HZJ 79 CD 30.png

Tom's alloy wheels  

with BFGoodrich tires: extremely light and stable

Original intake snorkel 

with cyclone filter

Aluminum construction:

  HighCube, fully insulated, light, robust and stable. Provides lightning protection.

Tom's folding sleeping roof:

isolated, walkable,

usable as a roof terrace

Tom's alloy wheels 

with BFGoodrich tires: extremely light and stable


quick to set up

Brokelmann HZJ 79 CD 07.png

Robust tailgate:

double locked



Get inspired by WorldCruisers that have already been delivered to our customers around the world.


Learn more about the basic version of the WorldCruiser 3 and browse through the extensive additional equipment  

- for maximum comfort.

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