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Portugal with WorldCruiser 2

Most people are familiar with Portugal's rugged cliffs and vast beaches, its thundering waves and vibrant cities - but few know that the country is also home to lush forests and ice-covered peaks.

German filmmaking couple Anna Riedel-Jahn and Lucas T. Jahn of Rugged Roadtrips recently took their WorldCruiser 2 on the road in Portugal. On a five-week road trip, they explored the diverse landscapes of Portugal. They drove more than 4,800 km across the country, visiting the wild Douro Valley in the northeast, the tranquil slate villages in the center and the windy Cabo de São Vicente in the southwest - and almost everything in between.

The pair captured their experiences on video and used them to create a one-hour travel documentary that captures the breathtaking beauty of Portugal's diverse landscapes.

Watch it now on Youtube:


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