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2.8 L Diesel Land Cruiser J7

Whether United Nations, Red Cross or other non-governmental organizations, pretty much everyone is united by their preference for the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is considered indestructible. After the introduction of the new 70 heavy-duty series - the first facelift in 16 years - the Toyota Land Cruiser J7 was already available at Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik as a petrol model.

But to the delight of many, we now also offer the new Land Cruiser J7 as a diesel in all versions.

We import vehicles directly from the Middle East for this purpose. These left-hand drive Land Cruisers are equipped with a 2.8L four-cylinder turbodiesel (1GD-FTV four-cylinder), which achieves 201 hp. This engine is familiar from the Toyota Hilux and has already proven itself under the toughest conditions.

However, the vehicle only achieves the Euro 4 exhaust emission standard, which is why an SCR catalytic converter with AdBlue injection must be retrofitted for registration in Europe. The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reduces nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases in a targeted manner, which means that the new Land Cruiser J7 also meets the Euro 6 emission standards.

As this is a complex retrofit, all diesel vehicles cost 10,000 euros more than their gasoline counterparts with the same equipment.

Important to note: The J7 Diesel is only available with automatic transmission. This is the proven 6-speed automatic transmission from the Hilux.

All versions of the Toyota Land Cruiser J7 Diesel can now be ordered from us. Please note that you must expect a delivery time of at least 6 months.

Not sure whether a petrol or diesel is the right choice? Then read our pros and cons of both drive technologies here.

If you are interested in a vehicle, we will be happy to send you a price list by email. Please contact us directly via!


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