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Do you want to discover unique landscapes with your WorldCruiser and experience off-road driving pleasure at the same time? But don't have time to take care of the travel arrangements yourself? No problem! Dreamlike desert areas with sand dunes and salt lakes, imposing mountains with challenging passes and unbelievable views, cliffs and cultural highlights await you. Where other journeys end, we only begin. Get to know the country and its people off the beaten tourist track with us!

We have organized guided expeditions and adventure trips for beginners and advanced travelers for many years.

From travel planning, to route selection, spare parts and workshop service during the trip, ferry bookings, maps, and necessary permits in the host country - everything is planned and implemented by us reliably and routinely!



You can take part with your own Toyota, rent a fully equipped vehicle from us or be a passenger.

We offer different tour profiles. The focus is always on untroubled travel experiences, taking into account practical experience, the vehicle and the demands placed on the route and daily stages.

The days are filled with driving fun, challenges and relaxing breaks. The conversations around the campfire in the evening allow you to look back on the excitement of the day. As you savor flatbread baked in the embers of the campfire and sugary sweet, smoky mint tea, the demands of the day quickly fade and give way to a feeling of deep relaxation.


Beginners appreciate the reassuring certainty of our comprehensive support. Our tours are put together and planned with great care and experience and are anything but dull or boring! The demands on the teams are continually increased day by day without overtaxing the participants. In this way, you will refine your driving skills along the way! On request, our experienced tour guides can also drive with you in the vehicle on sections of the tour in order to specifically improve your personal driving skills.

At the end of this journey, you and your Toyota have become a perfect team and you will confidently master driving situations that seemed insurmountable at the beginning of the journey. Now you are fit for even greater challenges - a wonderful sense of achievement!

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Advanced off-roaders enjoy our service and focus on scenery and adventure. Travel with like-minded people through vast landscapes, crossing demanding slopes or exploring extensive dune areas.


Along the way, you will always surpass yourself a little further and explore even more remote, more attractive areas together.


Enjoy a tour together with your family. Our children's tours are tailored to their special needs without neglecting adventure and driving fun. Shorter daily stages and longer breaks ensure a balanced daily routine. Nevertheless, they are filled with great "adventures". The shared experiences will be remembered by young and old alike.

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On our trips in North Africa, we always engage a local guide - whether it's a requirement or not. With his local knowledge, he guides us through breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. As a local, he establishes contacts for us with the people we meet on our travels and thus brings us a little closer to their way of living.

On every trip, we bring two support vehicles with an experienced crew who will be at your side with advice in every situation. One of them is our workshop vehicle. It is staffed by a car specialist and is equipped with spare parts, a compressor and tools to quickly and easily repair any defects in your vehicle. A very reassuring feeling!

In order to be able to offer this spare parts and workshop service, we have to limit the group of participating vehicles to Toyota LandCruiser.

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